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Welcome to the world of advanced protection and rehabilitation with the Armor Series brace. They offer the highest level of care and stability out of Bracoo’s lineup. Designed with innovation and precision, these braces redefine the standards of high-level protection and support for individuals on the path to recovery.

Bracoo is dedicated to helping people prevent and recover from injuries. Our goal is to provide knowledge and guidance to our valued customers as they embark on their lifelong journey to stay active and healthy. After many years of research and commitment, Bracoo has helped usher in a new era for braces. 


FlexiFit Advanced Thermoplastics

Bracoo’s innovative use of thermoplastics allows users to personalize the fit for optimal support. Through heat shaping, the brace adapts to the wearer's anatomy, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Unmatched Utility

FlexiFit Thermoplastics enables effortless customization and fitting, complemented by its hexagonal mesh design, ensuring optimal breathability and comfort.

Thermoplastic (Level 5)

Wrist Armor Wrap
(3D Ergo Fixation & Breathable)

Finger Armor Wrap
(3D Ergo Fixation & Breathable)


High-level Protection

Whether recovering from a major accident, surgery, or experiencing joint instability, the Armor Series is purpose-built to provide the necessary support for successful rehabilitation.

Innovative Designs

Unlike traditional rigid braces, the Armor Series combines stiff support with thoughtful ergonomic design. This ensures that users receive the ideal amount of protection they're looking for without sacrificing comfort.

Ergonomic Stabilizers

To enhance stability and protection, the Armor Series incorporates metal plates, silicone, and EVA pads. These stabilizers provide structural reinforcement where it's needed most without compromising the wearer's mobility.

Strong (Level 5)

Low Back Armor Wrap Airy Orth
(3D Fixation Design)

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