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ANKLE- Hallux Valgus

Hallux valgus is because of lateral deviation or rotation of the hallux. The common reason cause that is abnormal pressure on the joint by wearing inappropriate shoes.

The deforming situation on the lateral first metatarsophalangeal joint. Below angle of 20° will consider normal. 20-30° consider mild; 30-40° consider medium; if over 40° it considered as serious.
1. Too much gap between hallux and second toes, will force hallux tends toward to second toes, if there's inappropriate pressure it will easily cause deforming.
2. The ligament is loosening. Unbalance force will also cause valgus, usually is family inheritance.
3. Common seen in flat food, and also will easily cause pain.

High-Risk Groups
Choosing the shoes inappropriately (heel is too high, the front is too narrow), family inheritance, abnormal ligament structure.etc.

Hallux tends towards to second toes, lateral first metatarsophalangeal deviation. 

The fastest way is to do the surgery because bone-deforming is hard to fully recover from conservative treatment. It has some way to relief the discomfort, such as choosing appropriate shoes, add insole inside the shoes. Also can do some passively stretch on hallux in different angle, or do hallux abduction to strengthen the muscle.

Avoid to wear tight shoes, or too sharp in the front, or the heel is too high.


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