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LE70 Compression Sleeves, white stripe
LE70 Compression Sleeves, white stripe
LE70 Compression Sleeves, white stripe

LE70 Compression Sleeves, white stripe

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  • Spandex 25% / Nylon 75%
  • Shin Splint / Cramping Prevention: Bracoo’s leg sleeves target poor lower leg circulation which lead to pain that flares up while running, playing basketball, or during everyday activities. These leg compression sleeves aid in mitigating shin splints, preventing calf cramps, and protecting legs from minor scratches and impacts
  • Premium Knit Material: Designing the best quality leg sleeves, Bracoo has created a breathable & durable knitting material that is prepared to be worn all day long. The special knitting in Bracoo leg sleeve provides sweat-wicking properties to keep your calves dry while feeling lightweight, even during the toughest runs and workouts. With this highly durable leg sleeve, you are able to train harder and longer. Bracoo leg and compression calf sleeves are proudly developed and tested in the USA
  • Feel Relief & Recover Faster: Compressive force helps muscles regenerate and removes any lactic acid build up. Bracoo compression sleeve also improves blood circulation during your workout, delivering more oxygen to your muscles. The added oxygen helps improve your workout by allowing you to work harder. This results in better gains and allows your body to recover with greater speed
  • Keep Active, Stay Comfortable: Suitable for daily use, Bracoo leg sleeves are perfect for low and high impact exercises. The style of the sleeve makes it great for those in retail, nursing, hospitality or travel professions that require you to be on your feet constantly. We offer several different styles to choose from to ensure that you have confidence in your appearance and a comfortable fit
  • Premium Product: Bracco spends time and effort to ensure that it delivers quality product. Men, Women, cyclist, runners, basketball players, strength trainers, and athletes can have peace of mind they will get a quality product when they purchase Bracoo’s compression leg sleeve

M:  RC29E0W02
L:  RC29E0W03
XL: RC29E0W04

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